Gold Finch Feeder
American Goldfinch. Also known as Carduelis Tristis.

About Us! was started by two successful businessmen... David J. Halstead and Paul G. Smithe.  They have been lifelong friends that decided to share their mutual love of the outdoors.  Both men are committed to the Georgia Southern Heritage of 'good times' and outdoor life.  From the North Georgia mountains that rest at the foot of the Great Smokey Mountains, to the Middle Georgia woodlands and streams, and then all the way down to the enchanting coastal wildlife found in the Marshes of Glynn along the breathless Georgia Coastline, these men never tire of the great state of Georgia.  In short, Georgia is their home by choice not birth.  Their goal is to bring a little love of the woods to your backyard and an opportunity for you to pass down that love to your kids and family.

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Western Scrub Jay. Also known as Aphelocoma Californica.

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